Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Skyland Family Restaurant

This place is in a bad location and will be nearly impossible to find unless you get some word of mouth, stumble upon it, or read Trend Magazine. It is located in a seemingly cloaked shopping plaza along the very busy South Boulevard corridor near the very busy intersection of Woodlawn Road, in South Charlotte, NC. Most of you have probably whizzed right past it many times. I found it last year -- 2008 -- because I have a keen nose for well established local mom and pop eateries, most of whom are Greek owned and operated.

I have ordered take outs from this restaurant several times since and the food is consistently delicious; no matter what I order. On this particular occasion, February 20, 2009, I ordered my absolute favorite fish -- Flounder. I like it both fried and broiled. This time I ordered it fried, along with broccoli soup [Soup of the day], fried squash, cornbread, and yams. The total came to $8.93.

While waiting for my order to be created, I really enjoy looking at the old photographs along the walls which are standard in most Greek eateries. One of the first things that I do also is check the sanitation code. It must be over 90 for me to stay. I did not jot down this restaurant's score, however, you can rest assured that it was over 90 because I stayed. The restroom is always clean as well.

It typically takes about 10 minutes for my order to be created at Skyland, this time was no different. The gentleman that is there each time that I stop through is very business-like and I believe he is the same guy from San Remos on Central Avenue in East Charlotte [Review pending]. One day I will ask him.

As usual, my order was prepared just right and so tempting that I could not wait to get home before starting in on it while stopped at red lights. The flounder was as always lightly crisped on the outside and soft but not gooey on the inside. The fried squash was of the same caliber and goes well with ketchup. In the South, everything is fried! The candied yams were good enough to substitute for dessert, and the broccoli soup was okay -- I have had better. I did not care too much for the tarter sauce because it tasted processed like what you buy from the grocery store.

All in all, this was the usual memorable stop for me and I can not wait until the next experience.

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